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Welcome to Pedal N Brew

Welcome to Pedal N Brew

Welcome to Pedal N BrewWelcome to Pedal N BrewWelcome to Pedal N Brew

Home Brewing Links

My Favorite Home Brew Expert-Big Robb of Canada


New to Home Brewing?  Big Robb will guide you in the how to's  for getting started and motivate you to keep going. 

Beer Equipment and Supplies


Williams Brewing Supplies in California Is my Favorite.  Great selection of extract and all grain kits, plus all the necessary equipment.

How I got started.


I didn't realize how easy making beer was until my daughter gave me a Mr. Beer Kit.  I later advanced to the 5 gal Cooper DIY no boil set up. Currently I'm brewing extract kits in 5 gal plastic fermentors.  I want to advance to all grain beer making as my next step. Follow my journey here.  


Detailed Information on home brewing, recipes and techniques.

Make the leap to all grain and not bust your bank account


Want to get into all grain brewing, but think it is too expensive?  Check out the innovative and budget priced mash and boil device from Brewers Edge.

Anvil Wort Kettle and Fermentor


Anvil  Brewing  combined a sturdy stainless steel wort boiling kettle and fermentor in one single unit   Simply ingenious.  Ball valve and thermometer included at a reasonable price.