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Welcome to Pedal N BrewWelcome to Pedal N BrewWelcome to Pedal N Brew

USA Cycling - Bike Racing Starts Here

You Need a License to Race in U.S.A Cycling Sanctioned Races


USA Cycling is the governing body for all sanctioned events in the U.S.A. for Track, Road, Cycle Cross, Mountain, and BMX. Click the link below.

Registration for Bike Racing, Grand Fondos, Recreational Events, and More.


Multi Sport and Bike Racing Events


From cycling to bike racing to century rides to cyclocross, use this resource to find bike events,races, training tips and much more



  •   Complete Tri is written by avid triathletes who  understand the nuances of triathlons, triathlon training, as well as the finer points of essential triathlon gear such as bikes, tops, shorts, and other triathlon clothing.  We love the sport and want everyone to have a great experience with their triathlons, whether they are doing their first or their fiftieth, a sprint or an Ironman.

Feel The Excitement of Triathlon


Become part of the movement

Learn About Triathlon


  • Our goal is simple:  To encourage and enable  participation in the sport of triathlon.  We love  seeing participation in the sport of triathlon increase, and we especially love seeing people try their first triathlon and want to enable that.

Bike Clubs, Training, Equipment

Get More Out of Biking, Join A Bike Club


Find a club near you in New York State and elsewhere. 

Training Information


Find current apps and training sites

Riding Indoors


Check out DC Rainmaker's comprehensive review of indoor cycling trainers. 

Everything You Need to Know about Bike Computers


In-depth review of current bike computers.

Nori Lights


Want to be seen at night and create your personal light signature?  The Nori Lights are the most effective and efficient side/wheel lighting system on the market. In fact, they are so bright that they will cast a green aura glow on the road around you. No joke

Special Offer For All Rudy Project Equipment


Want to save 35-55%  on Rudy Project equipment? Click button below and enter code Live2Bike

Training Topics

Don't Have A Power Meter and Want to Know Your Power Numbers?


If you happen to be using a CycleOps Fluid2 or Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer you can extrapolate your current speed to power numbers with this curve and chart.

ABC's of Power Training


Saris coach Jim Lubinski provides an in-depth analysis of the basics of training with power.  

Heart Rate Training


Just getting started with biking and want to know how to train with heart rate? Read on.

Why is Max. HR important?


If you have been using any number of bike training apps. available today, they all require that you know your Max. HR to properly populate your training zones. To determine your Max. HR you could use the very inaccurate method of 220-age, put yourself through the Conconi Test (discussed later in this section), or use one of the newer algorithms discussed here. N.B. The Max HR stress test in this article applies to runners only.  For cyclists use the Conconi Test. 

Max HR with The Conconi Test


The Conconi Test is a relatively simple way for cyclists to test their anaerobic threshold and was developed by the Italian exercise physiologist Francesco Conconi. Be advised that this is a very demanding test and should not be done if you have any heart conditions or are in a state of poor health.  Do not do this test alone.  You have been warned.  

Indoor Cycling Training: Overcoming Obstacles for Better Results


  1. An analysis of why cyclists avoid indoor training by James Quilter @  James gives excellent advice on overcoming common obstacles that cyclists face when starting an indoor training program. 

Ed Nolan Biking Back to Health Blog

Going Green


Since 1973 Transportation Alternatives organization has been the driving force behind cycling and pedestrian safety in New York City.  It has been responsible for the growth in bike lanes, advocation of speed cameras, public education, and partnering with NYC DOT to improve and build a better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  


World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people through  The Power of Bicycles. We envision a world where distance is no longer a barrier to independence and livelihood.


Bike New York’s Recycle-A-Bicycle Shop is a community-based bike shop that offers sales and full service repairs. The bicycles begin as donations and are sold fully refurbished. Proceeds from sales and services directly support Bike New York’s education program.  They also accept donations of usable bike components.  


Bamboo is the most structurally strong and resilient natural construction material known.  The Bamboo Bike Project is a project by Scientists and Engineers at The Earth Institute, Columbia University, and aims to examine the feasibility of implementing bicycles made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa. 

Industrial Strength Cargo Bikes


Want to carry a ton of stuff on a bike or just crazy about riding around on a huge two wheeled rig with your legs as a motor?  Check out Kween Kargo Bike Shop.  They have what you need. Read more about cargo bikes here:

Having Purpose


Everyone wants to have purpose.  Meet Christeen Francis who is an intrepid traveler and ambassador of world wide good will. This is her venture to empower communities to foster sustainable developments.  Having P.U.R.P.O.S.E, Inc. is a humanitarian organization focusing on improving education, health, social and economic systems one community at a time in Africa and the Caribbean our services are designed to empower the community; and by coordinating service through collaborations, and the creation of coalitions communities will become self-sufficient.